Brigid’s Character Quiz

Part 2

1st: Why is Brigid in Amber?

Being in Amber is a natural progression for Brigid: she had advanced to the point where there was almost nothing she had not done in her Shadow, and almost nothing it could teach her. What could she do after saving the world, especially more than once? She had been everywhere and done everything, with more awards, tributes, and honors than she can remember. The Moon? Been there, done that. She had to face the fact that she was getting bored.

This was because Brigid had literally grown and progressed beyond her Shadow’s capability and capacity to interest and educate her and had been largely taking a ‘vacation’ for the past few years. Amber is a new challenge for her, a whole new set of opportunities and powers for her to investigate, a new set of people to know. She hasn’t had this much fun in years!

2nd: What does she like about her situation in the family drama?

She likes being accepted, even despite her powers instead of for her powers and what she did with them. She likes being a part of a system that has existed for centuries and millennia, even though she is more democratic through her upbringing than her brethren and so is uncomfortable in a feudal setting. She likes having the title, if Dworkin is correct, of ‘Duchess’, but hasn’t quite gotten used to the powers, privileges, and responsibilities it entails yet.

She does feel some apprehension about her role here, however, and a sense of not fitting in, but that will pass as she becomes more acquainted with her power and possibilities, duties and responsibilities.

3rd: What does she dislike, and what is her solution?

The one thing she despises is her relative lack of understanding and power in comparison to her relatives of the same generation. Her natural abilities seem poor in comparison to her siblings and her recent assumption of the Pattern only exasperates the situation, since she is still unlearned to the nuances of its powers and uses. She is also trying to understand why she cannot use the powers with the same facility that she wielded as a superheroine in her home Shadow.

The only way she would have to resolve this situation is training: that is why she has been taking the same classes on Amber as Sombra, to understand the society that she is now a part of, a feudal society that is very different from the democratic society she grew up in. She is also trying to improve her martial skills, especially with unfamiliar weapons like swords (although she is familiar with knives and some martial arts weapons like staves.) And finally, she is getting training in the sorcerous arts from Fiona. All she lacks in comprehensive training in her shapeshifting abilities, and magick beyond the limited amount she already knows that only seems to operate in her home Shadow.

4th: What does she expect out of being in Amber?

First off she expects a sense of family and of belonging, something she had seriously lacked in her Shadow home. She had those people who acted as family, from a supporting father figure in KnightStar; peers, brothers and sisters like FrostFire, Skye, Amp, ShadowFist, and CD, and even younger siblings like KnightStar’s and later Amp’s sorcerous ward Amanda Saunders. But no one was really blood-kin, except maybe Amanda, and they didn’t see much of each other as Brigid drew away from the other members of the team in her later years.

Secondly she expects a purpose, beyond what she had as a superhero. Saving the world was satisfying enough, at least the first time, and even though she had gotten a little tired of being called upon a second and third time to repeat that performance, she still recognized her responsibility. Now, in the expanded universe of Amber, she is ready to continue that impulse. (Brigid is self-sacrificing, maybe above and beyond the regular run of Amberites, something that her upbringing has ingrained in her very being.) She expects one day (in the not too near future) to take a position in the defense of the Realm, whether it be an active one or passive: a likely position might be roving ambassador.

5th: Why is Brigid important to the family?

Brigid is especially important as a wild-card in the Court of Amber. She possesses a seemingly unique combination of powers plus apparently the potential to learn any other power or ability she wills or desires. (Logrus might be the most unlikely, even though she is still descended from the Courts of Chaos through Dworkin.) Magick and sorcery seems a natural first step on her path, along with nuances of the Pattern, but even Trump Artistry seems likely: Brigid as a natural musical Trump artist? There is also the matter of her Faerie heritage that she has yet to explore which makes her almost unique in the Family.

She also possesses a different perspective on most everything and a strong moral core that might conflict with many of the perceptions and convictions of the other Amberites: she might even become a voice of conscience and moral justice for the others.

Finally, Brigid is part of the family, as proven by her walking the Pattern. That alone has made her important: the power of the Blood and the Pattern is not yet that common that it can be squandered.

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