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The internal <!--nextpage--> pagination mechanism for adding separate pages to any individual post or page and moving internally between page to page within that post or page is a welcome way to divide long sets of text or images into easily understood segments. However, the implementation of the internal pagination navigation links, to put it bluntly, is rather mediocre, and does not compare to the features internal to many themes or available through plugins that support the external post navigation mechanism.

The reason that the implementation is so inferior is primarily that it divides what should be a comprehensive navigation system into two different systems, both of which compliment each other and should be implemented as a whole as the basis for maximum convenience.

The two pagination navigation systems list each page number individually or present a link to only the previous and next page. For the former, depending on the theme styling, it is hard to determine exactly which page of the post or page is the current page: it can only be determined by seeing which number is not highlighted as an active link. That itself is the most glaring problem, especially when trying to page sequentially through the pages. In addition, the only way to determine the page count is by looking for the last page number in the list. For the latter, it is easy to page sequentially through the pages but it is impossible to determine which page is the current page or to skip ahead or behind to specific desired pages.

A more convenient pagination navigation system would not only combine both the numeric links and the next and previous text links, but also add first and last page links. It should also display the page count and active page number. Ideally, there should also be a means to view the entire page or post as a whole, without pages.

That is what this plugin provides.

The short URL of the present article is: http://www.terryobrien.me/g3w0j

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