I literally grew up with a camera in my hands. That’s why there are so very few pictures of me around, I’m always behind the camera, never before it.

I got my start in photography in my very early years but I really started taking photographs when I was in the Boy Scouts. Our troop managed to purchase and renovate an old school bus and for two of my last years as a scout the troop took bus trips during the summer. We traveled to Washington, DC and up into New England, and I caught the sights on film.

When my brother returned from his tour in VietNam, I started using his Minolta SRT-101 camera. That was when I started taking photographs of school sporting events, particularly basketball. However, when I showed one of my pictures1 to the editor of the school newspaper and yearbook, who, like me, was in the school choir, she immediately wanted it for the yearbook and I went along as a school photographer. That continued through my senior year, and the yearbook is full of my photographs.

I continue taking pictures in college for a year but I really didn’t have any purpose doing so, since there wasn’t that much in the way of sports at the time, so I drifted away from publications and concentrated on photography strictly for myself. That continued, as did my desire to record my adventures and travels. Those images, what I have in electronic form, can be found here. Those that are not yet in electronic form will be added once they are digitized.

1 It was a picture taken during the basketball post-season sectional tournament, when one of the players (the tallest player on the team) lost a contact lens. This was back in the days of expensive hard lenses and play was stopped while the players searched for it. Hence, a lot of the players were leaning down or crawling around the court.


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