DVD Menuing

DVD menus are a big part of the whole DVD production cycle. Actually, I find them a lot of fun to create. The Adobe Encore software was surprisingly simple to master, the library of menus supplied with the package was a great assist and the integration with Adobe Photoshop made menu modification and customization relatively easy. Overall, I’ve produced over 40 DVDs with full menu systems, most of them for the Midwest Training Institute of Hypnosis.

Midwest Training Institute of Hypnosis

I produced a series of DVDs for several classes including Hypnosis 101: Introduction to Hypnosis, Hypnosis 102: Regression Therapy, Hypnosis 103: Hypnotherapy Using Ideomotor Signals and Hypnosis 106: Medical Hypnosis. These classes were presented over several days, resulting in as many as three or four DVDs per day and up to 12 to 15 DVDs per class. Furthermore, each DVD included chapter menus which several students said that they were a great aid in their learning. The customer did not require them (and was probably not even aware that I could provide them) but I added them because I felt they were a necessary part of any DVD production.

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