WorldCon 1995


I went to the Charing Cross / Leicster Square area, hunting for bookstores. This is the central London area for bookstores, as I had discovered in ’87: there were a number of retail places and many second hand stores here. It also included Forbidden Planet, the major SF store in London, as well as the stores and shops in the area of the British Museum. Despite that, I bought relatively little.

While I was there, I noticed a sign advertising tickets for David Copperfield performances over the weekend. It was the beginning of his latest tour, his 15th anniversary. I managed to get a ticket for his Thursday night opening show for L50: row D, seat 23 (4th from the center aisle). (That’s $80 US dollars, but it was worth it, as you will see.) This was not at the Leicster Square booth that sells the half-price tickets, but that is only open at specific hours and does not guarantee having good tickets. Me, I had the money and could afford regular prices.

I also managed to discover a couple of old New Age / occult bookstores, Wednesday, but all they had was a lot of generic things, much like you could find in the States. I did manage to discover a couple of magazines that had some interesting and relevant articles, so the investigation was somewhat a success. Also, beside one of the shops was a Japanese restaurant and sushi bar, so I found dinner, too. The people behind the counter were very enjoyable, and the other customer, an attractive oriental woman with the most unusual (for an oriental) russet-red hair, was very attractive, except I couldn’t understand her Japanese-English accent!

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