My Adventures

I like to say that I have adventures. Nothing quite at the heroic Indiana Jones cinema level, but adventures, nonetheless.

Part of that is that I also like to say that I am a strangeness magnet with a specialty for coincidences and strange timing. That was never so apparent as when I walked from my hotel to the convention center early one morning to discover an old friend I had not seen in many years walking back in the opposite direction. What made that meeting poignant was it was the last time I ever saw him again, as he died about 8 months later.

Part of that is that I am a confirmed science fiction and fantasy fan with similar interests in such allied areas as comic books and media. I attended conventions on four continents and five foreign countries. I stopped counting the number of conventions over a decade ago when it passed into three figures. During those conventions, I ate dinner and chatted in private parties with several New York Times bestselling authors and count them as my friends.

Part of that is that I have a lot of friends all over, in more ways that just geographical. That’s all I am going to say about that: suffice to say that putting certain friends together with me is an adventure all by itself.

Some of those adventures are recorded below.

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