Lore of the Night Witch

What others say about Nightwitches

Shamans: “Nightwitches be just plan spooky. Spend too much time in the dark, y’ask me.”

– Mondraka Dierra

Witches: “They follow the craft in their own way. If that way were not with Elethay’s approval, they would not wield the powers of Elethay as they do.”

– Mother White

Wizards: “Nightwitches are mysteries, and much of their mystery is their own doing. They’re excellent companions, but don’t make the mistake of ever expecting to learn anything specific about them. If they’re in the mood, they’ll talk you ears off about Elethay all night long, but you’ll get nothing about themselves.”

– Marcus the Archmage

Valarians: “Nobody hates necros more than Valarians, but Nightwitches take it to the extreme. You just don’t notice it until the fight’s all over.”

– Zaras the Mentor

Necromancers: “You can’t win. You defeat a band of stupid Valarians, and just when you’re deciding which shapeshifter you want to drain first, one of these *itches sneaks up on you and plants a dagger in your back.”

– Sorvon Blackwater

“A Nightwitch’s domain is darkness. In darkness, she sees the beauty of Elethay’s creation. In darkness, she sees as if by day. In darkness, she treads the secret ways.

“A Nightwitch’s creed is silence. In silence, she hears the words of Elethay’s voice. In silence, she keeps the sacred lore. In silence, she treads the secret ways.

“A Nightwitch’s demeanor is reverence. In reverence, she holds the wisdom of Elethay’s thoughts. In reverence, she wields the power of Elethay’s magic. In reverence, she treads the secret ways.”

– ‘The Nightwitch’s Creed’, author unknown, circa third century of the First Manillac Empire

 “Night is as she is named, and night is as her companion.”

– from ‘Night and Day’ in “Poems” by Rhydomo the Greater

 “Silence, subtlety, stealth, surprise”

– motto of Ashiya, called “the Steadfast”, Nightwitch

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