Lore of the Night Witch

The Many Names of Elethay

Nightwitches, as do all witches, honor and revere Elethay, but Nightwitches specifically honor the Goddess’s nocturnal aspects, such as the Guardian of the Night, Mistress of Shadows, Queen of Stars or Lady of the Lamps. Shapeshifters are more prone to honor her lunar aspects, such as the Lady of Changes or, less frequently, the Lady of the Ever‑changing Face.

Nightwitches also refer to the Moon as Elethay’s secret lamp and the night sky as Elethay’s cloak of night. It is said that Elethay set the stars in the heavens as clues to the Nightwitches’ lore, and both the identification of the constellations and the legends behind them play a significant part in the training of each Nightwitch initiate. It is also said that that no Nightwitch can become lost if she can see the night sky, but practical experience has proven that to be mostly a legend.

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