Chime is a level 8 Psychic Ellori. Her racial traits include Psychic Ability and Telepathy.

Her primary skills are:

ApportINT10325Skill augmented by psychic amplification crystal.
Dimensional Phase-404
Dimensional ShiftINT835
DiplomacyCHA14572Skill augmented by racial bonus replacing Intimidate.
Knowledge (Psionics)INT14311
Mental ContactCHA185112Skill augmented by racial bonus.
Mind ReadingCHA18511
Psychic SenseWIS918
Psychic ShieldWIS11182Skill augmented by racial bonus.
Sense MotiveWIS9162Skill augmented by racial bonus replacing Intimidate.
TeleportationINT17395Skill augmented by psychic amplification crystal.

Physical Description

Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 105 lbs
Build: Slender
Eyes: Violet (her eyes are approximately 1–1/2 times larger than normal size, including the iris, so they appear to dominate her face)
Hair: Silver-white, long (down past her waist in back) heavy and thick
Skin: Pale (her race doesn’t tan or sunburn easily)
Ears: Spock-like, long, curled toward the back.
Hand: Ambidextrous but she favors her right hand.
Other: Wears metal bracelets on both wrists (left wrist is filigree work with flat crystal disks, right wrist is solid metal with blue crystal accents,) crystal ring on the index finger of her left hand, silver metal headband.

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