Fantasy Hero Characters

Vargos the Healer

Race: Human
Age: 29 years Common
Sex: Male
Height: 6′ 0″
Weight: 175 lbs.
Hair: Dark brown, straight, cut short
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Light Tan
Other: Healer’s badge (green hand on white circle)

Public History: Vargos is the older (by two minutes) fraternal twin of Dargan. Their parents were trusted stewards of Duke Echarris’ family castle in the Raylwood province, and so were trained by the Duke’s family’s own tutors, along with the Duke’s family. Their rapid progress attracted the attention of the father of the Duke himself. He saw to their advanced training, once their talents and abilities became known. Once they had finished their training, they became formal members of the household of Duke Echarris.

Vargos was trained by the priesthood of Kez, healer of the gods. Although he is not a formal priest of that order, he follows many of the precepts of that faith. He has been accepted as the personal physician of the royal court, and so maintains a practice among the nobility. Having to treat a number of foreign ambassadors at court, Vargos has found that he has a skill with languages and is fluent in three other tongues than his own.

Private History: The period of Vargos’s training was the only time in his life that Vargos was separated from his twin brother. During that period he discovered the talents within himself that have made him a Healer. It was during this time that he fully learned to be his own individual, and not to be dependant on the presence of his brother.

Vargos believes that he is the only person besides Thalaestros and Duke Echarris who knows what debt Thalaestros owes the Duke, and why Thalaestros limps to this day. He found this out by piecing together stories and obscure references they would use when they spoke about old times. Vargos is sure that Thalaestros does not know that he knows, although he suspects the Duke of knowing. The Duke is like that.

The debt Thalaestros owes Duke Echarris is his life. When Vorpatris, a wizard enemy of Duke Echarris, sent the spirit of the Duchess Echarris to wander the Shadowed Land of the Dead, Duke Echarris and Thalaestros sent their own spirits into that fearsome land to retrieve her. Thalaestros was early into his journeymanship, and was almost lost, but returned to the land of the living with the assistance of Duke Echarris. Thalaestros then recognized a life-debt to the Duke, a debt which he can only repay by continual service until the death of one or the other.

Personality: Vargos and Dargan are known as “Night and Day”, because of their widely different personalities. Vargos is dark, sober, almost grim in his stoic silence, passive except when protecting himself or his patients. He rarely laughs or makes jokes, which amuses his brother Dargan, who tries to make him laugh. Vargos will, however, sometimes accompany his brother and Mathi on their nocturnal carousing, not truly taking part in them, but still enjoying a measure of release from his duties and responsibilities.

Vargos is bound by his oaths as a Healer not to refuse aid to anyone who seeks his help. Refusing to aid someone who requests it, even an enemy, could result in the temporary or permanent loss of his healing talents. He is also pacifistic, rarely fighting except to defend one of his charges or one unable to defend themselves. He relies on his brother Dargan to do the fighting for the both of them, and Dargan is quite capable of fighting for two.

Relations: As expected, there is a bond between Vargos and his brother, and the two are most at their ease in each other’s presence. Vargos also respects Thalaestros’ command of magic, Andrianna’s skill and devotion to her goddess, and Mathi’s quiet strength and gentleness. He at times worries about Tameron, seeing her brash and confident personality as hiding a terrible and painful secret, and wants to help and heal her, but will never do so unless she asks first.

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