Fantasy Hero Characters

Tameron the Golden

Race: Elven
Age: 25 years Common
Sex: Female
Height: 5′ 9″
Weight: 105 lbs.
Hair: Red-gold, curly, loose down to her shoulders
Eyes: Gold, slanted
Skin: Fair
Other: Pointed ears

Public History: Tameron is descended from an Elven family who became rich through the breeding of horses for the military. Five generations ago the family moved to Na’rheth to be closer to the center of power. Since that time the family has fallen on hard times because of poor political alliances, which led to severe financial reverses, and generation by generation, made its way down the social strata, until the last generation finally wound up on the streets, from which Tameron has emerged to make her fortune.

Tameron makes her living collecting and selling information, always for a price. She has a reputation for being reasonably honest: once paid, she will fulfill her part of a bargain. She is also not above a little burglary or pocket-picking to supplement her income.

Private History: Her parents sold her to a street gang when she was 13. Among her other duties for the gang, she was repeatedly used and abused by the gang members. She received a rough education of the streets, and she proved to be a quick learner. She broke free from the gang after two years, physically and mentally toughened, but emotionally scarred.

When she finally broke with the gang, Tameron managed to apprentice herself to a hedge-wizard. This relationship protected her from the gang, and allowed her to learn some magic. She became interested in spells that control the mind, and so specialized in this subject above and beyond her familiarity with magic. She also has learned a few of the simpler spells of this category.

She met the Duke Echarris when, on a dare, Tameron impersonated an Elven noble woman, infiltrated a masked ball which he attended, and picked his pocket while she danced with him. Since the dare didn’t mention anything about keeping what she stole, she then returned it. The Duke was impressed and intrigued by her brazen and carefree manner, and arranged a meeting with her for the next day. She turned the tables on the Duke again by appearing inside his carriage after he gave up waiting for her and left. The Duke laughed and offered Tameron a deal where she would assist him whenever he needed her talents, and he would do likewise for her as much as his office and contacts would allow, which she accepted.

Personality: Tameron is a classic fiery-tempered red-head. She is impulsive, daring, and supremely self-confident. However, she secretly feels the need to prove herself better than any one she encounters or competes with, especially in her chosen profession. Very few men, or anyone else, for that matter, have earned her respect.

Her childhood has left her deeply insecure about trusting others, which led to her interest in domination spells. If she has one fault, it is that she places too much trust in these spells, and prefers to use them in place of making lasting friendships.

When it comes to matters of faith, Tameron is not so much religious as superstitious: she pays homage to a half-dozen half-forgotten deities, all connected in some small way with spying or stealing. She will do strange or obscure things to honor these gods: not stealing on certain days, wearing red or green ribbons around her ankles, etc. Despite her faith, she receives no benefit from this activity. She will also have in her possession several (worthless) good luck charms (small metal trinkets, unusual-colored stones, and bundles of feathers, among other things), and, while not gullible, will purchase or otherwise obtain others on occasion.

Relations: Curiously, perhaps because of their total dissimilarity, she has the best relationship with Andrianna. Tameron knows that the conservative Andrianna will never compete with her in any way, and so feels the most comfortable around her. She tolerates Vargos and Mathi, knowing that neither is not directly in any competition with her. She is neutral towards Thalaestros, seeing his mastery of magic as both a possible threat towards and an assistance to her. She does not respect Dargan, with his studied indifference towards women (her included, which annoys her), considering him an ineffectual court dandy while ignoring his considerable fighting expertise.

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