Fantasy Hero Characters

Shandar of Eastdelve

Race: Human
Age: 22 years Common
Sex: Female
Height: 5′ 5″
Weight: 97 lbs.
Hair: Black, cut short
Eyes: Black
Skin: Pale
Other: Medallion: Gold eight-sided star inside a red circle

Public History: Shandar is a warrior of the Guardians of the Gate sect of the Way of the Circle, a philosophical system of faith whose followers were granted permission to settle in Na’rheth, mainly because Circle teachers are very well educated and much in demand among the nobility. The sect teaches that upon death their best warriors will be granted the honor of guarding the gates of the Land of the Dead in the Shadowed Land, protecting the living world from the demons that are bound within. Thus Shandar has worked ceaselessly in becoming the finest warrior possible.

Other than that, there is very little to know about Shandar except what Shandar’s accent and personality allow. Born in the Human quarter of the Dwarven tradetown of Eastdelve, worked as apprentice in a variety of different trades (as is the Dwarven custom until a profession is selected) until the age of sixteen, then followed a warrior of the Guardians of the Gate, becoming the warrior’s apprentice, and, finally a true warrior of the sect.

Private History: Shandar has a secret: Shandar is really a woman. Since women in the tradetown would not normally achieve any great status, her father and mother conspired to hide her sex and were surprisingly successful at the endeavor. However, Shandar herself felt constricted by the demands of her parents and followed the first escape she found. She has found that she likes her accidental profession, and always seeks to improve her standing and ability within the sect.

The warrior she followed was known as the Dragon of the Gate, one of the most famous (although she didn’t know it at the time) warriors of the sect, who took a liking to the serious and studious apprentice for reasons of his own. Not surprisingly, the sect does not normally take women, so her disguise helped her even there. The Dragon found out early on that she was a woman, but had been impressed with her drive that he kept her as his apprentice. Other members of the sect, however, are not as broad-minded.  It is customary for members of the sect to take on the name of a mythical or magical creature when reaching the full potential of their power; Shandar is years away from achieving this goal but has already selected the Firecat, a half-mythical beast, for her name.

She first met Duke Echarris when fighting in a tournament during the Harvest Games. He was intrigued by her particularly non-violent fighting nature and, after some investigation, offered her a position as one of his retainers. She accepted a position for a short duration, found that it did not conflict with her primary goals of becoming a better warrior, and has decided to stay for a longer period.

Personality: Shandar is quietly observant, especially of any form of combat, and hopes someday not only to be acclaimed as a master, but to teach as well. Part of the teaching of the sect is that all of life is a game where the players do not nor can ever know the rules. As such, Shandar is fascinated with games of chance and skill and participates in them regularly.

Relations: Shandar is the newest of Duke Echarris’ agents and has not had the chance to meet any of them or make any lasting friends or acquaintances among their number.

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