Fantasy Hero Characters

Mathi (Maithoniway)

Race: Human
Age: 23 years Common
Sex: Male
Height: 6′ 10″
Weight: 285 lbs.
Hair: Brown, straight, down to his shoulders
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: Medium Tan
Other: Slave brand on left shoulder

Public History: Mathi is an imposing figure of a man, though some say (but not within his hearing) that his heritage is not entirely human. Standing a head above almost everyone else, and broader by half than most, he stands out in any crowd.

Mathi is a member of the household of Duke Echarris. He was bought as a slave by an agent of the Duke in a far-off land, then made a part of the Duke’s household when he landed in Na’rheth. When not serving as an agent for the Duke, Mathi is bodyguard and one of the trainers of the Duke’s children. He is silent about any part of his past history or family.

Private History: What Mathi does not tell of his past is this: he is the second son of Price Domaris of Ek’warith, although rumors abounded after his birth that his mother, Princess Asart, who died at childbirth, had lain with a demi-god and conceived him. Those rumors are partly true. His full name, Maithoniway, means “favored by the gods” in the Elder Tongue of his native lands, and he still worships his native deities.

Unfortunately, the “favored of the gods” also could be termed the “cursed of the gods”. Mathi has been the bane of almost everyone close to him. First his family, starting with his mother dying at childbirth, through his older brother Shallis whom he killed in a fit of anger, to his father, who had to banish his only other son for the crime of murder, then to his companions on his travels who always seemed to encounter runs of bad luck, and finally to the pirates he joined, only to have his mistake lead to the entire band being captured and sold into slavery, those that escaped the noose. For obvious reasons, then, Mathi is loathe to make any lasting friendships or relationships.

Personality: Despite his size and strength, or perhaps because of it, Mathi is surprisingly gentle and courteous. He is very soft-spoken, and never talks about his past or his parents. Contrary to appearances, however, Mathi is not dumb or foolish, although he will act so at times to confuse or trick enemies. He still remembers the fit of rage that his brother goaded him into, and also its result, and tries continuously to hold his anger in check.

Mathi is proficient with his preferred weapon, the great axe, and refuses to use any of the more conventional or accepted weapons of the nation. He is also experienced in hand-to-hand combat, particularly wrestling.

Relations: Mathi has a secret crush on Tameron, although his faith considers the Elven race to be of demonic origin (untrue). He enjoys the company of Dargan and Vargos, especially for a night’s carousing, finding it easy to avoid fights and brawls by simply standing up. Since Mathi is from a relatively magic-poor area of the world, he has not had the exposure to great sorcery that is common to this country, and so regards magic and its practitioners like Thalaestros with awe. He is uncomfortable around Andrianna, finding her silence that mirrors his own disquieting.

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