Fantasy Hero Characters

Jervon Silvertongue

Race: Human
Age: 28 years Common
Sex: Male
Height: 5′ 2″
Weight: 110 lbs.
Hair: Sandy brown, medium length
Eyes: Hazel
Skin: Tanned
Other: None

Public History: Generally, an established bard can find themselves a position in almost any location, at almost any level of society, whether it be the glittering royal court or the rough inns of the countryside. However, there are the rare few who hear the calling of the road and answer that call.

Jervon’s father was one such bard. Kellat Silvertongue wandered the length and breadth of the land many times during his lifetime. Jervon accompanied his father in his father’s later years and learned his trade at his side. Now Jervon, like his late father, is known throughout the kingdom (and farther). He wanders the land, too, singing his songs and meeting friends old and new, but only rarely these days, spending most of his time among the various social levels of the capital city.

Kellat was the one who composed the original song about Thalaestros’ contest against a powerful demon, and the song still remains one of Jervon’s most requested songs to this day.

Private History: What is not known about Jervon is that he is an assassin as well a bard. That was his father’s real profession, and his father’s before him (a family tradition.) Duke Echarris has called upon his skills several times in the past, and will probably do so in the future. The wandering career of a bard is a perfect cover for such a practice, being a profession that can go almost anywhere and gain entrance to almost any level of society.

Aside from that, Jervon is also a very useful eye and ear throughout the kingdom for the Duke. The Duke and Jervon are careful to keep their relationship a secret known only to a few, and the fact of Jervon’s second career is known only to the two of them.

Personality: Jervon is a very outgoing and personable individual; always quick with a tale or a song. His grandiloquence and expansive manners endear him to almost everyone he meets, and he has a number of friends and acquaintances almost everywhere he goes. He will often act as a peacemaker should his friends get into trouble. When challenged, he will insult and deride his opponent(s), making them appear to be foolish; his resemblance to a small yapping terrier is most pronounced at these times. All of this braggadocio covers his deep fear of fighting.

He really loves his ‘cover’ profession, and infrequently wishes that he could devote the rest of his life to it, but lacks the will power to go against the family tradition. He prefers to think of his real profession as a necessary evil, rationalizing that if someone has to be assassinated, then it should be by someone who does not take any special pleasure from it.

Relations: Jervon is not well known to the other agents of Duke Echarris except by reputation; likewise, he does not know many of them and relies on first impressions to guide him. Mathi he finds imposing, Tameron amusing, Dargan a possible conflict, Vargos a kindred spirit, Andrianna a blank, and, lastly, Thalaestros possibly threatening as being the only person he considers intelligent enough to divine his hidden profession.

Equipment: The Catsclaws are a set of gloves with hidden knife blades in the fingertips which can be extended or retracted from the tips by flexing the fingers, much like a cat’s claws, and are coated with a pair of different sleeping drugs. The Cat-scratch poison is composed of both drugs mixed together. The Razorwhip is a short, wide, extremely sharp knifeblade attached to a very resilient cord, spring, and pulley arrangement, usually concealed on the underside of the right arm. It is used by flipping the right arm forward, releasing the blade, which springs out towards the target and then retracts against the arm when the arm has stopped.

Notes: Jervon is very “fussy” about his voice, and will complain loudly in intemperate weather about colds and worse. He also suffers from a runny nose and a cough in such circumstances. He always carries a pouch of herbs from which he will brew a tea to help his sore throat; other herbs in the pouch can be used to brew a variety of poisons, as well. Jervon does not drink alcohol under any circumstances.

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