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Race: Human
Age: 29 years Common
Sex: Male
Height: 6′ 2″
Weight: 202 lbs.
Hair: Blonde, long, pulled back in a braid
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Dark Tan
Other: Long, curling blonde mustache, short beard

Public History: Dargan is the younger (by two minutes) fraternal twin of Vargos. Their parents were trusted stewards of Duke Echarris’ family castle in the Raylwood province, and so were trained by the Duke’s family’s own tutors, along with the Duke’s family. Their rapid progress attracted the attention of the old Duke himself. He saw to their advanced training, once their talents and abilities became known. Once when they had finished their training, when they became members of the household of Duke Echarris.

Dargan was introduced to court at the relatively early age of seventeen, and quickly became a visible (and trend-setting) figure among the younger nobility and their hangers-on. He stays away from court politics, relying on his relationship with the Duke to divert most others’ campaigns against him, preferring to enjoy the care-free life of court while he can.

Dargan has very few equals in the use of a sword in the kingdom, although he is always willing to put that skill to the test. He will fight according to the rules of the setting: to the death if necessary by whatever means necessary in the back alleyways of the docks, or to first blood and honor according to the cultured dueling rules at the Court.

Private History: The Duke himself, as well as a dozen other weapons masters, all combined to teach Dargan everything when they knew of swordplay. From them he has learned to use several weapons, but his favorite has remained the saber. It was during this time that he fully learned to be his own individual, and not to be dependant on the presence of his brother.

Dargan had a tragic love affair with Naliss, daughter of the ambassador from the Kerdish Isles. In spite of his cultured diffidence, he fell madly in love with her, only to have her refuse his advances. No matter what he did, she would not even acknowledge him, and finally, when she and her father returned home, he tried to follow, only to be thrown off the ship in the middle of the bay and forced to swim back to shore. Ever since then, he has remained cold and distant towards every woman he meets.

Personality: Vargos and Dargan are known as “Night and Day”, because of their widely different personalities. Dargan is bright, cheerful, dashing, and courtly, except when in combat, when he is coldly calculating. He is always laughing and joking, trying especially to make his grim brother laugh. He presents the perfect picture of the laughing cavalier, in usually dressed in dashing court garb, the fancier and brighter, the better.

Dargan does not respect anyone except for his brother and those his brother respects, which are very few. That few includes the Duke Echarris and the ones the Duke has chosen as his agents. Those others that cross his path he will ignore or treat with scorn, as the occasion demands.

Relations: As expected, there is a bond between Dargan and his brother, and the two are most at their ease in each other’s presence. Dargan is respectful towards Thalaestros, because of the power of magic at his command, and at the legend surrounding his past. He treats Mathi as a boon drinking companion, taking him whenever he and his brother Vargos spend an occasional evening carousing among the taverns of the shipping quarter. He is cool, almost indifferent towards Tameron and Andrianna, remembering his earlier love affair, and not wanting to repeat it, although he will defend them to the death if necessary.

Notes: Dargan has the nervous habit of twirling his mustache when deep in thought, and chewing on the ends when pensive.

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