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Race: Human
Age: 25 years Common
Sex: Female
Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 155 lbs.
Hair: Black, straight, long, tied in a knot at the neck
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Olive
Other: Tasant’s Symbol (black bird over light blue circle)

Public History: Andrianna is a minor priestess of Tasant, a minor goddesses in the officially recognized pantheon of the kingdom. Tasant is the goddess of birds and all other flying things, and, most importantly, of archery. Andrianna’s position in the temple hierarchy consists of training the temple levies in archery, as well as having a minor role in assisting in the temple ceremonies. She has acquired a reputation as one of the finest archers in the kingdom, and regularly defends that reputation at the quarterly games.

Andrianna’s parents were killed in a Norotai border raid when she was two, and she was placed in an orphanage because she had no other close relatives. The orphanage was run by the religious orders of the major female deities, and so she was introduced to the priestesshood early in her life. She decided to become a priestess at the age of nine, choosing Tasant because she began to develop her skill with a bow at the same time.

She continued to excel with the bow until she gained the attention of the Duke Echarris. Using his influence with the temples, he arranged to have her transferred to the Grand Temple in the capital, making her available for missions of state.

Private History: Because of her low birth, Andrianna was restricted to entering only the priesthood of the minor deities. She had attempted to join the priesthood of Keris, Queen of Stars, the principal female deity of the pantheon, but was refused because entry into Keris’ service is (unofficially) restricted only to the nobility. She has not forgotten that slight, and thus is very formal and cool towards all priestesses of Keris.

As a priestess of Tasant, Andrianna has had training in some of the minor magics of the priesthood, although her focus on archery allows little time for further study. She plans on devoting more time to the priesthood and qualifying as a full priestess when she retires her bow. A specialty of the priesthood is use of Levitate magic to allow its priests to fly, a spell Andrianna has learned, as well as use of some of the more obscure magics that deal with birds, such as the spell Bird Speech.

Being a priestess of Tasant, Andrianna is forbidden to hunt birds or eat their flesh or eggs. Special dispensation is permitted for the meat or eggs of birds that do not fly, such as chickens, but only after its ritual purification. She also may never use her archery knowingly for evil purposes.

Personality: Andrianna is tight-lipped and conservative, cautious to an extreme, yet straightforward and unyielding when her mind is made up. A dismissing glance at someone, then quickly away, is, for her, speaking a volume. She has the nervous habit of running her left hand through her hair, which is usually draped over her left shoulder. Those who know her recognize that as a sign that she is worried and indecisive, not knowing which way to turn, which decision to make, when Andrianna is at her most dangerous.

Relations: Physically and psychologically she is the opposite of Tameron, being darkness to her light. Despite their differences, she respects Tameron, appreciating Tameron’s exuberant personality, and the two, while not being close, are good friends. Andrianna finds Thalaestros’ studied atheism both disquieting and slightly amusing, and maintains a carefully guarded neutrality towards him. She finds Mathi a mystery, and is somewhat in awe of his great strength and gentleness. She finds the twins Vargos and Dargan too grim and too flippant, respectively, but is comfortable in their presence.

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