The AmberCon Connection

AmberCon is a convention devoted to playing Amber (and then other diceless RP systems and other innovative roleplaying games) originally organized by Erick Wujcik in 1989, two years before the Amber Diceless RP game book was published. It was first  held in a location called The Lighthouse Rec Center on the river, a dusty and cobwebbed old lighthouse that was now part of the public park system. Later it was moved out to a hotel in Livinia.

For many years it was one of my regular annual conventions. That is where I played in the “New Courts” campaign by Scott Whitney in 2000, for which I wrote ‘Seduction of the Guilty’, and “The Great Game”, a steampunk-flavoured Amber campaign run by Scott Acker in 2001 for which I wrote ‘Brigid’s Diary’. I was also involved with the “Pattern Magic” campaign run by Erick Wujcik and Cliff Winnig, and several one-shot games, playing characters as diverse as Morgaine, a Chaosian noble with hidden Amber blood; E-Man, the energy superhero; and Coyote the Trickster.

Quotes, Quotes and More Quotes

To quote Groucho Marx, “One more quote and we’d have a gallon.” One of the most amusing elements of any AmberCon is the record of what players said and did during their games. For example, this link from AmberCon 2000 has several quotes of my own, and even one from Erick about my character Damarian. The quotes from the other years are equally amusing, and can be fund at this link.

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