Unicode Character Keyboard


There are four tabs on the management sub-page. These tabs allow the administrator to add or delete individual character sets, examine the error log to check for errors when uploading new character set files and search for a specific character within the given character sets.

Uploading File

The administrator may upload a new character set file through this tab. The character set file must be in the XML format as described in the Customize section. Errors in the file will be recorded and are visible in the Error Reporting tab.

Deleting File

This tab lists all character set files in the set library subdirectory. The administrator may select any of these files, with the exception of the Common file which is required in certain functions inside the plugin code, and delete them from the subdirectory.

Error Reporting

This tab returns the contents of the error log, which contains all error messages reported when uploading a new character set file.

Find Character

This tab allows the administrator to enter a specific character or the Unicode equivalent and which ever character set contains that character will be listed.

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