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After that, it was a long while before I ever got behind a video camera, although I spent a lot of time behind a photo camera. That all changed when a friend of mine got me involved with a (possibly) mad scheme.

His name was Boe Powell and he wanted to produce a public access television program on games and gaming. He had the drive, the skills in front of the camera and the contacts, but he needed someone behind the camera. That, obviously, was me. Because of that, I took the video (studio and remote) and audio operations courses with the Allen County Public Access station to help produce the program. We did pretty good while it lasted, but eventually Boe moved on and left me with the full production of the series, and it eventually became too much for me, as well. However, I got a lot of experience during the years of production, and got to meet and interview a lot of people in the gaming industry, many of whom still remember me. I/We produced programs and interviews at the two big national gaming conventions, GenCon and Origins, and locally.

That wasn’t all I did as a volunteer: I worked over 600 hours of studio or remote productions, usually camera operations, for a variety of other cable access programs, and I became a regular on many of them.

It certainly kept me busy.

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