I Am a Hypnotist


This image is so very stereotypical, yet at the same time it is such a lovely image.

I had a moment of epiphany at GenCon just this past weekend.

I was at one of the booths in the exhibitor’s hall, this one specializing in jewelry and trinkets. I was drawn to one of the necklaces there, silver around a crystal pendant. The crystal, I was told, was from a broken antique chandelier. I bought it, and when I did, I said I had several friends who were hypnotists as I mimed swinging it before the proprietor’s gaze. She thought that was just so neat.

What I told her was the truth, but it wasn’t entirely the truth, not as I recognized it or admitted it then. The whole truth is, I am a hypnotist. My epiphany came later that afternoon when I finally admitted that to myself.

But what am I admitting to? Friends may know of my long-time interest in the subject of hypnosis, primarily intellectual interest. It was only within the past few years that I actually was able to get enough training (and recently, enough experience and confidence) that I felt capable of hypnotizing people. I just never really felt comfortable in admitting to it in public except in a very limited context, my own shyness and introverted nature preventing me from actually doing that.

No longer.

Now I am comfortable about publicly admitting that I am a hypnotist, albeit one who is only a few steps along the path that friends and acquaintances are several strides ahead of me. Some, I have the feeling, are looking back at me and gesturing me to come forward to walk along side them. I hope they won’t mind if in my pursuit of expertise and knowledge I may have to pause on occasion while I deal with life’s necessities. But, take those steps I will.

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