Con Schedule: InConJunction 35

This year, I will attend InConJunction in Indianapolis instead of CONVergence in Minneapolis. Although I enjoy attending CONVergence, for financial reasons I will be daytripping InConJunction on Saturday this year.

I am disappointed that I won’t see my friends in Minneapolis like John Seavey, who writes for Mad Norwegian Press, nor the ones I will meet in passing along the way. I will miss the parties around the pool area that are a major attraction. However, I didn’t find much else that attracted me this year: I wasn’t interested in the major guests, I didn’t find anything interesting in the panels listed on the schedule, driving back and forth between the hotel and my friends’ house every day was annoying, and the finances of gas money and meals every day was daunting. Hopefully that all will change next year.

That said, I expect to send a stack of my book fliers and handout cards for Undercover Unicorn’ and possibly the sequel ‘Sympathetic Succubus’ up there for distribution, assuming I finish the artwork for the latter soon.

Instead, I decided to stay closer to home and attend InConJunction instead this year. It will be a relatively short trip for me, about 2 hours to the east side of Indianapolis. I haven’t attended InConJunction for many years, so this will be interesting. I will be honest: it was back then just a pretty okay convention: it wasn’t bad but the other conventions I was attending back then (and this was back in the 80’s) were a lot better that I just stopped going. I expect that things are different now. I checked their schedule, and unfortunately I still didn’t find any panels that I was really interested in attending, but the video tracks might prove worthwhile.

I am looking forward to meeting Guest of Honor Timothy Zahn again, since I used to see him at GenCon (back when it was still at MECCA in Milwaukee) before he hit the Big Time with his Star Wars novels and moved to the West Coast. It will also give me a chance to shop at Larry Smith Bookseller again, since I haven’t been to a major SF convention for a couple of years and haven’t bought any new SF or anything else in quite a long time. (I will need to set a budget limit on purchases there.)

I probably will be traveling light: I won’t be carrying around my big camera and flash, mainly because I wouldn’t have any way of securing it without going back out to my car; I will be carrying my little camera which is more than adequate for hallway photographs. I probably will have my brown canvas carryall with me for much of the time, just to carry fliers and stuff, which means I probably will not carry along my tablet computer, since I don’t expect much of a use for it. I will be bringing along a stack of fliers and handout cards to pass out there: that is also a major reason for attending.

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