Online Review for ‘Undercover Unicorn’

TeraS is a friend and an individual with an interest in succubi, as can be seen in her website. I regular inform her about any succubus appearances I discover, especially in animé. As this story does involve a succubus in some small way, I sent her a review copy, and this is part of what she said about it.

It’s quite a enthralling story about a universe that’s changed, in some ways good, in other ways not so much so, but there is one underlying truth. It doesn’t matter how magic has changed you, inside you are the same person. It’s what you do now that matters.

Vanity, the main character of this work, is simply enthralling. She’s complex, intelligent, but most of all, she’s something very special in a world where darkness holds many and causes much pain and more. She’s … hope. Quite a lot of hope for not just herself and those she calls friends, but for many others.

There’s a good deal of mystery as well, not only in the world, but in the characters which sets up the series going forwards and I think that all works well. The story solidly sets up things going forwards and there is a lot to explore just from this work alone. There is a mystery, one that affects Vanity and I’ll be looking to see where that goes.

Five out of five pitchforks.

The whole review is here.

Five out of five … I am stunned and even a little embarrassed (but in a good way.)

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