The Making of the Cover to ‘Undercover Unicorn’

This is cover to my short story 'Undercover Unicorn'.

This is the cover to my short story ‘Undercover Unicorn’.

This is the cover to ‘Undercover Unicorn’ available through SmashWords and soon through other ePub distributors as well. It is based on a pair of images provided by photographer on DeviantArt named Cathleen Tarawhiti.

It was difficult finding a decent image for the cover: I wanted an image that I could transform in the visual design of a unicorn of the story, which meant the golden mark on her forehead, the snow-white hair and the blue eyes. I also wanted an image that I could afford, given my limited budget, which was a major sticking point.

Then I discovered Cathleen Tarawhiti through DeviantArt and FaceBook: Cathleen is a photographer in New Zealand who takes some amazing photographs of some amazingly beautiful (and handsome, there are some males involved, too) models and offers them to be licensed as book covers.

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